Hey guys, I sincerely apologize but I need to shut down Latest News Page. 🙁 Here are the reasons why:

  • There are not many daily visitors, always less than 100 people.
  • It’s an expensive website to run, but doesn’t bring in any money.
  • I do not have the extra time to further develop the website and try to spread the word about it.

It’s a bummer to take the site down, it was actually a decent news website. But I thought it would be better for everyone to shut it down sooner than later if I knew it was inevitable. Thank you to Marc who happened to email me the same day I was going to shut down. He said he loved LNP and his emails made me reconsider everything to see if there was a way to keep the site going.

On the bright side I plan on keeping NewsAmmo going “Forever”. It has all of the news sources this site did and then some (7 more article sources) plus links to tons of websites. It just doesn’t have article pictures like LNP, but that can be a good thing not to have to look at Democrats! 🙂

Thank you guys for understanding.