Latest News Page was started in late February 2021 by Brandon from NewsAmmo.com

Hello, Brandon here, thanks for visiting the site and I hope you enjoy it! I started NewsAmmo in 2018 because I wanted to put conservative news in one place and make it more accessible for everyone. It has done fairly well considering the only way for people to hear about it is word of mouth from other readers. No celebrity endorsements or paid advertising helped it grow!

In mid 2020 I came across software that would allow me to take news articles and bundle them together from multiple websites. It also grabs articles automatically 24/7 using a computer server, so there will always be new articles. At first I thought “It won’t be better than NewsAmmo, just different.” So I didn’t pursue it. But several months later I was talking to a friend about news websites, and it made me want to test out the software. Then I thought “Well some people may like a different format so I’ll try building the site.”

Website features

There are just a few features I want to mention. Articles open automatically in a new browser tab. Click on either the picture or the bold headline (the smaller text description does not open the articles). For the videos, clicking on the headline opens the video in YouTube, but clicking the play button on the picture plays the video from this website.

Since the site is responsive, depending on your device, you might have anywhere from 1 to 4 rows of articles. On a phone in normal vertical position you have 1 row, sideways you have 2 rows. On a tablet in vertical 2 rows, sideways 3 rows. Desktop there are 4 rows. Unless you shrink the desktop browser window, it will also shrink down the number of rows.